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M Salon has been born out of perseverance. With all the odds stacked against us and situations beyond our control we have not only strived to make it to this point but we are beginning to THRIVE! We have YOU, our wonderful customers to thank, for all of your continued support. Without all of you, none of this would be possible.

M Salon is an open concept booth rental full service salon located on 10160 Maple Street in Omaha. We are currently licensed to sell alcohol inside our establishment.

For those of you that do not know, an "open concept booth rental" salon means-we work together not in individual suites, but in a traditional salon environment. 

Each girl is independent. They are their own boss, run their own business and hours. However, we do our best to work together as a team! And of course to provide the highest quality.

If for some reason you ever have any problem with a service, you can always contact one of the owners, 

Maggie, Mallory or Sydney and we will be happy to resolve any issue. 

We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy your visit at M Salon!



our salon and Bar

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You Can Now Shop Online!

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