Invigorating mint shampoo for all hair types.


Redken Brews Mint Shampoo

SKU: P1427101
  • • Cleanses hair and delivers a cooling sensation to the scalp

    • Refreshing and energizing mint scent

    • Features menthol for scalp stimulation and soothing


    New formula features malt to strengthen and nourish hair!


    Redken Brews introduces the next generation of men's haircare, hairstyling, and grooming essentials. With Redken Brews, you can offer your clients a full range of products to fit their styling, haircare, and skincare needs. The line includes stylers with endless look potential, beer-inspired, malt-infused haircare formulations, and skin solutions for shavers and non-shavers.


    Redken Brews Mint Shampoo cleanses and hydrates all types of dry hair with a refreshing and energizing mint scent. This shampoo for men moisturizes, strengthens, and delivers a cooling sensation to the scalp. Redken Brews Mint Shampoo is formulated with two unique ingredients. This shampoo includes Protein for added strength and hair health, as well as Glycerin for moisture and hydration.