Surface's Curl Whip Mousse features nature's Cocoa Butter for healthy curls. An Earth friendly VOC-free mousse that hydrates and styles with the rich botanicals of Cocoa Butter and Babassu Seed Oil.


Surface Curl Whip Mousse

SKU: PP009026
  • • Detangle

    • Moisture

    • Anti-Frizz

    • Natural Control

    • Protects Color


    Surface Curls are instantly defrizzed, hydrated, moisturized, conditioned and controlled as certified organic Cocoa Butter and Babassu Oil melt into and onto the hair. Rich in vitamin K, cocoa butter provides the hair with healthy elasticity and bounce while a concentration of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids naturally moisturize the most brittle curls. Cocoa Butter is abundant with antioxidant vitamin E which protects the hair while magnesium strengthens and controls the curl of all hair types from fine to coarse. Babassu Oil's ability to melt at body temperature insures maximum penetration of Cocoa Butter while providing color protection, shine and remains light on the hair. Surface Curls are beautiful, healthy curls that last all day and into the night.