Surface's Trinity Protein Repair Tonic revives and repairs. Amaranth, soy and keravis cationic proteins penetrate, repair, condition, shine and protect. Heat styling maximized reconstruction!


Surface Trinity Protein Repair Tonic

SKU: PP032238
  •  Lightweight Repair

    • Detangle

    • Sun & Environment Protection

    • Thermal Protection

    • Primes Hair For & Seals Color

    • Style Control


    Surface sources gluten free Amaranth vegan protein from organic farms in Peru. Amaranth offers nine essential amino acids that act to prevent hair from becoming dry and dull as one ages. The National Academy of Sciences called Amaranth one of the best sources of protein available. Soy Protein provides tremendous strength with a luxurious, elegant feel. Keravis is a powerful hair strengthening cationic copolymer of hydrolyzed vegetable protein and natural mineral silica with a unique composition of low and high molecular weight components. The low molecular weight moisture-rich portion penetrates the cortex, repairing and protecting from within. The high molecular weight components cross link to form a microscopic film on the hair shaft that lubricate, reinforce and protect the cuticle. These properties cobine to repair and strengthen the hair.


    Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Not Tested On Animals